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Amazing country Uzbekistan

Many people who order Uzbekistan tour package, visit mostly historical cities, such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. But few visit the Ferghana Valley. But it is in vain. In addition to the historical architectural culture in Uzbekistan, there are many interesting things that should be given importance. One of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan is the Ferghana Valley.

Tien Shan

A plateau lies above the clouds. This plateau is named Tien Shan, which means “The Heaven Mountains”. There are no signs of habitation and there is no grass under your feet. There are no birds because it is too cold and too high for them. The plateau is surrounded by a chain of rocky ridges covered by everlasting snow. And directly beneath you can see a promised land where food is abundant on the ground, on the trees, in the lakes and in the sky.

The first explorer of the Ferghana and Chatkal ridges was the famous Russian geographer Semyonov-Tienshansky.

If you have a look at the map of West-Eastern Uzbekistan you will see a green belt amidst the snow-capped summits. It is a unique natural orchard of nut and fruit trees. Covering thousands of hectares, it contains 150 species of trees and shrubs, among them valuable varieties of walnuts, pistachio, apples, almonds, pears, plums, grapes, and many other nut and fruit trees.

Uzbekistan mountains

The smooth and sheer southern slopes of the Ferghana and Chatkal ridges get heated by the sun and then reflects warmth, ensuring a regular subtropical climate for a large area in the upper reaches of the Ferghana.

You will find here micro-climate suitable for many different plant species and animals. The landscape of the Ferghana Valley nut and fruit trees reservation is wonderful. It changes every moment. You may see oaks, cedars and fir-trees standing among jungle-like undergrowth and then nut and apple-trees. There are waterfalls and quiet lakes with thousands of wild ducks; forests which abound in mountain goats, central Asia sheep, bears, snow leopards, foxes, beavers and martens. There is plenty of trout and other fish in the rivers.

The forest is like a natural sponge; it absorb quantities of water and then lets it out, providing all the necessary moisture to the cotton fields, rice paddies, orchards and vineyards in the Ferghana Valley throughout the spring and summer months.

The absence of sharp drops in temperature permits the development of commercial fruit and nut growing in the forest area.


Every part of the walnut-tree: the roots, trunk, bark, leaves and the nut itself are of commercial value. The nut contains 70 per cent of oil and different vitamins. In nutritive properties the walnut surpasses bread, meat, fish and milk.

The walnut-tree is a valuable furniture timber. Besides the walnut harvest, the forest yield huge harvest of cherry-plums, pistachios and apples.

Research workers are doing their best to preserve, enrich and improve the forests.

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